Style: Progressive Death Metal
Release date: May 11th 2007

Obsidian was formed in 2002 and the album I’m holding in my hands is their debut album

and it’s called “Emerging”. Well... we get 8 tracks... 8 quite boring tracks in the same vein as Meshuggah, Scarve, and Cynic.


We get both clean vocals and growls... or should we say extreme vocals and their music is quite progressive at times, but none of the 8 tracks have left a mark in my brain. Not even after numerous listens.


They surely know how to handle their instruments and there’s a lot going on in their music... they are shifting from hard and aggressive Metal to the more Progressive stuff, but the band changes so god damn often that it is very hard for me to find this album cool.


I remember almost nothing (except for a few riffs and a few guitar solos) from the album when it’s done and you have to have catchy riffs and so on to make it out there, for crying out loud!


The only thing that might save this album from total obliteration is the competent producers who has done a fine job… and the heavy as hell guitar riff in the lat track “Tsujigiri” but I’m still left disappointed.


If this album from Obsidian titled “Emerging” catapults them into the premier league of Progressive Death Metal... I’ll eat my socks.



Label: Rusty Cage Records
Provided by: Rusty Cage Records
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 2nd 2007
Website: www.obsidian.nu