Rising up from the Ashes
Release date: January 17th 2007
Label: MTM Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo
Website: -
Style: A.O.R.
Rating: 67/100
Artwork rating: 74/100
Reviewed by: Janus "The Jack" Lybro
Date: January 8th 2007

New Jersey rockers, NORWAY is back! 

After releasing the very 80s sounding ”Arrival” album in 2000 they soon made their way to the Top 10 of many a AOR collection as potential carriers of the torch in the new millennium. 

Mysteriously they went into a 5 year hiatus, failing to strike when the iron was hot but now it seems like they’re back in form! 

Their latest effort continuous in a well known tradition of JOURNEY / FOREIGNER inspired A.O.R. with hints to BON JOVI every now and then (also hailing from Jersey!) 

They’ve failed to produce an album that’ll top the quality of their ”Arrival” master piece but we’re basically on par with the sound of that classic release. 

The typical post 2000 sound of TWO FIRES, UNRULY CHILD etc. is alive and kicking, a fact that NORWAY proves! 

A fine release in the typical vein of AOR / Melodic Rock.