Style: Technical death metal
Release date: July 23rd 2007

So, is is possible for Nile to provide their Middle-Eastern chaos-blend in a satisfactory way this time? Have they been innovative enough to rise above the crowd yet again? The answer is yes, but I can’t say it’s a resounding acknowledgment.


It’s obvious that Nile plays safe, they know what they’re capable of – completely anarchistic yet with a grand scheme. We simply know what to expect, obligatory acoustic intros reminiscing on ancient Egyptian themes which swiftly converts into subsonic blast beats and butchers knife riffs. I have to say, even when being as conservative as Nile presents themselves on Ithyphallic, they sound damn well great doing it.
The title track is simply excellent, with a epic and at times flamboyant quality about it. It simply kicks ass. The psychotic ‘As he eats the dead’ also hits a home run in my book, technical to a point where quantum mechanics seems understandable by comparison.


Expect nine songs disgorged from the abyss, a great effort by these Americans. But still, this is showing us what we all know they could. More innovation would have been what would have made this record shine, but sadly this isn’t the case, which is reflected in the score.
Now with this critique given, Nile still sets the benchmark for modern death metal, and I rarely encounter a band which can offer any competition.

Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Christian Skjødt
Date: September 10th 2007