Style: Black Metal
Release date: May 3rd 2007

Necronoclast is a solo project from Scotland focusing on writing gloomy, dark Black Metal.

Well, I’m sitting here with “Monument” Necronoclast’s first full-length album and at first listen

I was very disappointed, but this kind of gloomy, dark, cold, Black Metal, needs some time to grow and that’s exactly what “Monument” did. Slowly but surely the music was creeping up on me and after numerous listens I find a solid piece of work.


Well, it’s very dark and BLACK so yes, it needs a few spins to grow. We get 6 tracks and I must admit the first track “Resurrection” is awful but its already getting better with track two “Monument to the Dead”, and even better on track three “Mourning Life”. You actually find a very enchanting melody in this track.


I somehow find myself lost in deep space or in hell while listening to this album... so it’s very atmospheric too. The vocals is “very Black Metal” and it sounds great, so do the guitar work... however the “drumming” could have been better (A drum machine???)


Even though that Necronoclast is very different from Venom there are parts to be found that remind me a tad of Venom... but only a tad... only a tad, okay.


It’s very dark... gloomy... cold... Black Metal, but it’s a solid piece of work in my book, and one day I was listening to this album one of my friends, who are into Pop-music, came to visit me, and this album scared the living shit out of him... I’m not kidding.


Necronoclast are going to release a new album in a few months, called “The Plague”, and I’m already curious to hear it. I only hope it will be as dark and cold as this one.


Check it out if you are a genre fan. It works for me.

Label: Infernal Kaos Production
Provided by: Necronoclast
Artwork rating: 27/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 20th 2007