Neal Morse
? Live
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: November 23rd 2007

Neal Morse recorded live at Colombia Club in Berlin, Germany on July 14, 2006 on the last evening of the tour, where he opens the set by playing the entire Question Mark album (Disc 1), before turning to the One album (first six songs on Disc 2) and closing the set with a excellent medley compiled by: 'We All Need Some Light', 'Open Wide the Flood Gates', 'Solitary Soul' and 'Wind at my Back', what more can a Neal Morse fan ask for?

'? Live' captures exactly where Neal Morse was musically in 2006, before heading into the studios to record his monumental 'Sola Scriptura' epic, and this live recording shows the full capacity of his style and musical universe. Sure some are scarred away because of his religious beliefs, and his songs are all about Jesus and God. For me it's all about the music and the melody lines, and Neal writes some the best and most unique progressive rock at the moment, and I applaud him for sticking by his beliefs...

Musically you can't wish for more, this is first class progressive rock from Neal and his touring band, delivered with class and conviction. This is off course a mandatory buy for all Neal Morse and progressive rock fans, and I am pleased to say that Neal Morse have blessed us twice this year, first with his monumental masterpiece: 'Sola Scriptura' and now with '? Live' - in my humble opinion the best progressive rock live recording this year.

  Disc 1
01. The Temple of the Living God
02. Another World
03. The Outsider
04. Sweet Elation
05. In the Fire
06. Solid as the Sun
07. The Glory of the Lord
08. Outside Looking In
09. 12
10. Entrance
11. Inside His Presence
12. The Temple of the Living God
  Disc 2
01. The Creation
02. The Man's Gone
03. Gradle to the Grave
04. Help Me / The Spirit and the Flesh
05. King Jesus
06. Reunion
07. Encore Medley
Label: Mascot Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: December 9th 2007