Style: Blakish death metal
Release date: February 19th 2007

Much like fellow Scandinavians Dimmu Borgir, Swedish Naglfar move on the verge of mass audience accessibility. They are not too black, yet not pop music either. They’ll never sell by the millions, of course, but within the metal community, ‘Harvest’ will surely cement their status as one of the stalwarts of real metal.


A little less marred by synths and bombast than their aforementioned Norwegian colleagues, Naglfar prove that they are indeed able to write strong songs with no frills.


There’s not a lot to say about this album other than it’s a strong release with a perfect sound and that any fan of technically adept Swedish death/black metal will most likely enjoy from beginning to end. Try it out!

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: March 10th 2007