Mind's Eye
A Gentleman's Hurricane
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: September 14th 2007

'A Gentleman's Hurricane' is the world's first cinematic metal triple pack consisting: a CD, a Comic Book and a DVD. In this review I will concentrate mostly on the musically aspect of things, simply because it’s the only thing I've received for reviewing purpose.

Let me start by making one thing clear: 'A Gentleman's Hurricane' puts everything Mind's Eye has released before way back in the shade. They have even managed to top their latest album, the critical acclaimed 'Walking On H2O', and they have taken it upon themselves to create a concept album, which should be compared to the likes of Queenr˙che's Operation: Mindcrime or Shadow Gallery's Tyranny, and to be honest: they have succeeded in creating a very special conceptual package, but they have not quite made it musically.

The whole concept about the life of Adam Evangelista, an assassin, who is confessing his assassinations and life story to his new found friend Father Cavallero Di Mori was written, arranged and produced by drummer Daniel Flores, who is the musical mastermind behind this very strong progressive statement from this Swedish trio.

'A Gentleman's Hurricane' is a dazzling and well though-through concept album with plenty of rich progressive metal passages, infectious musical hooks and showcases a brilliant vocal performance by Andreas Novak. The many special guests add spice to the whole story, most of them portraying different characters in the story, and the whole thing is wrapped in a perfectly balanced production, which just adds to the entertainment.

Mind's Eye and Lion Music is going all the way with this release and the total package has it all. The album artwork and comic book have been produced by leading graphic artist Mattias Norén visualising the concept and music written by Daniel Flores. The accompanying "Making of A Gentleman's Hurricane' DVD offers an insight into the production and the creation of the album.

'A Gentleman's Hurricane' is a great concept album, one which isn't quite cracking the barrier into the absolute Top elite, but it's close and I really look forward to see where this album will take the band, and to see what they can come up with next... For now - do get this great piece of progressive metal.

Label: Lion Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 28th 2007
Website: www.roundrec.com