Messiah's Kiss
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: February 26th 2007

Messiah’s Kiss is a four-piece with two members from Germany (Georg Kraft – Guitar ex-Repression and Eckhard Ostra – Drums ex-Repression), one from England (Wayne Banks – Bass ex-Blaze, ex-Sabbat) and last but certainly not least one from the USA (Mike Tirelli – Vocals Riot, Holy Mother, Ex-Burning Starr, ex-Strider). “Dragonheart” is their third album the first two was released in 2002 (“Prayer for the Dying”) and 2004 (“Metal”). 

“Dragonheart” is a slow starter the first two tracks “The Ancient Cries” and “Babylon” are not bad but they are quickly forgotten compared to the rest of the album, third song “Where the Falcons Cry” has turned out to be a real killer it sounds a bit like an Axel Rudi Pell tune next track “Dragonheart” sounds more like Judas Priest and it continues like that, “Thunders of the Night” sounds like HammerFall, “Northern Nights” sounds like Dio / Rainbow.

“Dragonheart” is an album with almost all the clichés of Heavy Metal and thank God / Satan for that, just check out the song titles above or the cover Artwork by Luis Royo (Skylark used the same artwork for their 1999 CD “Gate of Hell”).

The album are produced by Herman Frank (ex-Accept, ex-Victory) he delivers a thunderous sound, and he also appears as guest musician on “Dragonheart”. 

Well if you’re into traditional Heavy Metal you’re into Messiah’s Kiss.

Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: March 2nd 2007