Mekong Delta
Lurking Fear
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: August 24th 2007

One of the biggest and strongest contributors to the European Progressive Metal scene is finally back with their first album in a very long time. Mekong Delta had their hay-days back when progressive metal was almost non-existent with amazing albums like; "The Principle of Doubt", "Dances of Death" and my personal favourite "The Music of Erich Zann".

Mekong Delta has always had a very strong connection to classical music, and their interpretations of classical tunes are what give them an edge over much of the competition. Their style has thankfully not changed one bit, and the musical structures of early days are easily recognizable in the new songs.

One thing that has always been bugging me was the rather thin sounding guitars of most of the albums, a thing they have kept on 'Lurking Fear'. Off course it's always been an important part of their signature and style, so it's natural that they've kept it.

Complex, intense and very technical songs is still the name of the game, and if you've enjoyed their earlier albums, then you'll be drawn into the old universe straight away. Sure they've updated their sound and there is room for some new influences, but basics stay the same.

'Lurking Fear' can best be described as a fusion of everything they've made before with some modern influences, and they still excel in the classical influenced songs. The technical level is still very high, and there will always be a little niche for special bands like Mekong Delta.

A fine comeback album, which surely will make lot's of old fans happy. Not the outstanding and timeless piece of metal some might had hoped for, but still a very respectable album.

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 11th 2007
Editor's note August 22nd 2007:
I have just been informed that there is some problems with the sound on the promo discs sent out. So the sound on the original should be better.