Release date: February 23rd 2007
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Power Metal
Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 11th 2007

'Mk II' marks not only a new beginning for Masterplan, but also the departure of 2 great musicians in vocalist Jorn Lande and drummer Uli Kusch. The 2 guys were off course a very big part in their first couple of albums 'Masterplan' (2003) and 'Aeronautics' (2005) and one can only assume that they would leave a big void left behind to fill, but rest assured their replacements vocalist Mike DiMeo (ex-Riot) and drummer Mike Terrana (ex-Rage) do a great job on this album.

They have clearly set the bar high with their first albums, and this album continues in the same fashion; melodic, powerful and very tight power metal. The dynamics are still there, the technical level is even a tad higher than before, and Mike DiMeo does his best to make us forget Jorn Lande.

Not doubt the addition of Mike Terrana is a change for the better, God Damn he is precise and to call him a human drum machine is no understatement. Mike DiMeo does a great job, but remember who he is trying to replace! You don't just step in and takes over from a living legend without any casualties, and some the songs have clearly been written with Jorn in mind and it shows.

Having said that I still think that this is a very good power metal album, and Mike DiMeo is a very good vocalist on his own and I think Masterplan has made a wise decision in hiring him as their new vocalist.

With this move in the right direction I am sure Masterplan will be moving on to bigger and better stages, and their fan base will continue to grow, because they clearly belongs in the Champions League and with 'Mk II' they prove just why...