The Cold Heart of the Sun
Style: Metalcore and stuff
Release date: October 22nd 2007

German metalcore hopefuls Maroon released the impressive ‘When Worlds Collide’ last year. It was a very solid and promising release indeed, and could leave you with nothing but high hopes for the follow-up.


And where some bands run short of air after a touring circuit like the one Maroon has gone through the past year, these boys have just gone into total creativity mode.


Despite its gloomy title, ‘The Cold Heart of the Sun’ is practically brimming with life and vitality. It’s full of ideas and combines the modern sounds of metalcore with good ol’ fashioned heavy metal and thrash.


What separates the really great bands from the not-so-great bands is often the details, and in the case of Maroon, I just love the way they e.g. add a snippet of Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King (perhaps a nod to Savatage?) here and a piece of Criminally Insane there. Moreover, the fact that it’s not full-speed ahead metalcore and all the by now oh-so-well-known breaks into to half tempo for 45 minutes but also acoustic, sensitive and haunting parts is also a big, big plus in my book.


Thumbs up!

01. Reach The Sun
02. Only The Sleeper Left The World
03. Steelbath Your Heart
04. My Funeral Song
05. Black Halo
06. Cold Heart Of The Sun
07. For Those Unseen
08. As Truth Becomes Vain
09. Iron Council
10. Fear The Most Them Who Protect
11. Some Goodbyes Are Farewells
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Target
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 1st 2007