The Black Circus, Part 2 - Disclosure
Style: Power Metal
Release date: May 18th 2007

So is the second part of Manticora's to date biggest epos 'The Black Circus' the one that'll catapult them to fame and fortune? Probably not, because this album pretty much summarize everything Manticora always has stood for: classic power metal with brilliant guitar work, with some small adventures into progressive and thrashy territory, never leaving the path chosen too much...

So far this formula has sadly never gained them much - and in my humble opinion - well deserved attention. Original is a word that won't pop up many times when I have to describe their style, but Hell who in these days of metal can claim that? They stay true to their style, fine tunes it just a little bit with each release, and have once more delivered a very solid piece of power metal.

New influences do appear, and the special guests on keyboards are left enough room to shine on a few occasions; "Haita Di Lupi" is the perfect example on just how much song writing talent there really is hidden in this band.

The conclusion of the story is musically also the superior album of the two, a much harder and heavier album, which will go down like milk and honey for Manticora fans, but doubters will still have their problems with Lars' vocals, which I think is a valid point. His style is surely not everyone's case, but I must admit that he does a good job on this album - even though he at times still gets on my nerves.

The production is once more handled to almost perfection by Tommy Hansen, the art work is great and the album is good - so now I will leave it up to the power metal fans to decide if this is the album that'll take Manticora to better places...

Label: Locomotive Records
Provided by: Intromental Management
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 5th 2007