Gods of War
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: February 26th 2007

Movie soundtrack for the new Hollywood blockbuster "Odin"? No not quite, but this album has a lot in common with a soundtrack. Classical inspired orchestrated intro's and interludes make almost half of this album. Sure they tie the album together and some of the parts are fine, but in all honesty, if I wanted a soundtrack for a Viking movie, then I'd buy one!

Manowar has a very faithful following and they have their work cut out for them with this album, because this is perhaps their most adventures album ever. The clichés are still there, and anyone, who hates Manowar, will get more firepower here: from the album cover, thru the lyrics, which are impossible to read, because they are written in runes and I could go on...

Eric Adams proves once and for all, that he has one of the best voices in metal - some of my friends claim he has the best - the music, which after all is found in between the spoken words sections, intro's and interludes is for most parts what any Manowar fan had hoped for. The sound is awesome, the guitars are a bit more up-front than we are used to, and the rhythm section is as tight as a duck's ass!

I like Manowar, but not unconditional and this is not another brilliant album, it's just a good one. But I am sure hard-core Manowar fans don't give a rat's ass about the quality or the lack of on this album and will swallow this album like milk and honey!

Label: Magic Circle Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 2nd 2007