Malevolent Creation

Doomsday X
Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 24th 2007

Wham! A knife in the gut, and then turn it some. One of the oldest death metal bands around are blasting away on their tenth studio release, ‘Doomday X’.


Malevolent Creation is of course known by most fans of (old-school) death metal, but if anyone should be in doubt, then I can assure you that they are as relevant today as they were when they unleashed ‘The Ten Commandments’ in 1989.


‘Doomsday X’ is razor sharp, focused, and tight as hell. Both the dual guitars of Jon Rubin and Phil Fasciana as well as the rhythm section are in places phenomenal and represent a lot of variation amongst the full speed shredding.

Brett Hoffmann has his own vocal style, but he does sound a bit like John Tardy in places, which, by my way of reckoning, is not a bad thing at all.


This is one to get if you like the kind of music that just strives forward and calls for massive headbanging!

Label: Massacre Records
Provided by: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: August 9th 2007