White Sands
Style: Hard Rcok
Release date: February 23rd 2007

German Hard Rock band MadMax is back with another great album called “White Sands” that follows the exact same direction as “Night of White Rock” (2005), namely Melodic Hard Rock.


MadMax has this ability to write catchy riffs peppered with more than memorable choruses that could stay in your head for a very long time. Even though that, this is not exactly real Metal but “only” Melodic Hard Rock I still find that there is something for both Melodic Rock and Melodic Metal fans to be found here on “White Sands”.


It’s hard to fault anything about this album… the songs are catchy and memorable. The production is great… crystal clear to put it simple and the cover artwork is okay too. Well… I have one small complain… track number 9 “Too Wrong” is almost, an exact copy of the classic KISS song “Love Gun”. Is it some kind of a tribute song to KISS? Well... it could be.


MadMax do not bring us anything groundbreaking new, but the quality that they show in their songs does leave little to be left desired for the genre fan. AND… I have to add this; NO Keyboards is used on this brand new release… that’s not bad in my world… because I’m not a huge fan of this instrument.


“White Sands” is one of those Melodic Hard Rock albums, which you put into the player and just enjoy, quite a bit in fact.


So… do just that! 


Recommended tracks; “Family of Rock”, “Little Princess” and “War”.

Label: AOR Heaven
Distribution Soul Food
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 7th 2007