Loud 'n' Nasty
No One Rocks like You
Style: Glam Rock
Release date: May 25th 2007

Well produced, well mixed and well played – but not that original and with no thread in the music. But hey… You don’t necessarily need a thread if things sound good.


This single with “No One Rocks like You”, “Nasty Girls” and “You Make My World Go Round” is a good example of nowadays glam-heavy. Perfect as a supplement to a beer party – especially if some of the attendees were young in the 80’s and liked Twisted Sister, Skid Row, and Def Leppard (early days).


If I was single again, and was about to throw some of the guys a party – these three tracks would definitely be in the playing list, and would be played loud…


… but as new tracks to an old and very well known style - not as a new sound.

Label: SwedMetal Records
Provided by: Swedmetal Records
Reviewed by: Kim Westh
Date: June 23rd 2007
Website: www.loudnnasty.com