Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Style: Melodic Rock / A.O.R.
Release date: July 6th 2007

It might come as a big surprise to most that vocalist Michele Luppi (Vision Divine) has his strong roots in melodic rock and A.O.R., but this is the style that gave him the desire to become a musician, and with this album he pays tribute to that exact style.

Los Angeles is his personal tribute to the A.O.R. greats that shaped his singing and song writing abilities, he went to VIT Los Angeles where Robin Randell was one of his musical teachers. The album also features Fabrizio Grossi (Starbreaker), Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Talk of the Town), Frankie De Grasso and a special appearance by one of the dinosaurs in this genre; Gregg Giuffria (Ex-House of Lords) on keyboards.

Songs have been supplied by the likes of Richard Marx, Jeff Paris and Dennis Matkovsky among others, and most of them have the quality to go down as genre gems. All of the songs are catchy and melodic as hell, some might even call them cheesy, but I don't care because this album rocks.

I am not the biggest A.O.R. fan, but must admit that this is one of the best A.O.R. album I've heard this millennium, and I am sure this album will make quite a stir among genre fans. I like it, and if you are into this kind of music, then I am sure you'll agree with me.

Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 30th 2007
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