Liquid Horizon
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: October 12th 2007

Before putting this disc into my much tested CD-player, Liquid Horizon was a big unknown to me. But 'Revolutions' is a nice surprise and an album worthy of your attention if you are into European progressive metal.

Liquid Horizon will never break any boundaries or stand out as new revolutionaries on the progressive metal front, but they represent their trade well and do their work well. Solid craftsmanship, solid song writing and a good production are important parts of 'Revolutions', their fourth release; second full length album.

'Revolutions' is a concept album that deals with different revolutions and the fight for freedom through history. Centrepiece of the album is a 21 minutes trilogy about the French Revolution. And with this song they really reach their potential and show what abilities that lies within Liquid Horizon, and this trilogy alone makes this album worth checking out...

The rest doesn't quite reach the same level, and a few songs do drift off into mediocrity, but the potential is there and they are clearly capable of writing strong songs and are on the right track with this album.

Label: Artist Service
Provided by: Artist WorXX
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: October 6th 2007