The Onslaught
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: April 20th 2007

Just being in the position to make reviews, I found out that this CD had not been reviewed yet. Although it has been out for a while, I think it's worth reviewing, even if it is a day after the fair. I hope it's still available, but you will find out soon enough.

Unbelievable that this band hasn't been signed yet. O.k. I have been to the doctor last week because of my ears, but I still can hear if something is good or not. There are several bands called Lazarus, but this one's from Kenosha, Wisconsin. You can see that they believe in them selves. The album is mastered by none other than Testament guitarist James Murphy.

The band plays fast thrash metal with melodic parts, ripping guitar solo's and fast drumming. The riffs are unique, complex and the tempos played ask for a big mosh-pit. The vocals are aggressive and fit the music perfectly. If bands like Exodus, Testament, and Pantera are your cup of tea, you should try this one out.

The album starts with the tight riffing song "Last Breath". If you are not convinced after that, you better stop listening. The second song "Thou Shall Not Fear" starts a little bit slower, but not for long. The fourth song "Every Word Unheard" keeps hanging in your head for days. I still hear Jeff Paulick (vocals) growling the song title. The song "Lust" starts like a song Metallica lost in their 'Kill'em All' sessions after which the song explodes in a fast thrash song. The solo in the last song is howling like a wolf on dope just as Slayer played them in their earlier years.

O.k. lads, enough words, experience it!

01. Last Breath
02. Thou Shall Not Fear
03. Damnation for the Weak
04. Every Word Unheard
05. The Onslaught PT. 1 - Revolution
06. The Onslaught PT. 2 - Rebirth
07. Lust
08. Forged in Blood
09. Absolute Power
10. Who I Really Am
Label: Self Released
Distribution: See website
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 22nd 2007