6 Days to Nowhere
Release date: February 26th 2007
Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: Scarlet Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Power Metal
Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 11th 2007

I still feel Labyrinth has been struggling quite a bit to reach the same level that they reached with their sophomore album 'Return to Heaven Denied', and this their sixth full-length album won't change my views one bit.

This is however a step forward and in the right direction compared to their last few albums, but at no stage are they close to their first 2 albums, which are still the standard when I judge their music.

The musical level is high as ever, the songs are powerful and melodic as always, and they stay faithful to their roots. Vocalist Roberto Tiranti is still the focus point and he does have one of those vocals you either hate or love - and I have no problem with him.

I do have my problems with the drum production, it plain and simple sucks! I cannot understand how a band settles for such a crappy snare drum sound. And even though they have done the mastering at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London itís simply not enough to salvage the sound. And it spoils quite a bit on the overall experience here - sad, but true...

Musically itís an OK album, with a fine collection of power metal songs, a cover-version of Beatles classic "Come Together", which I easily could have done without and a cool remake of their "Piece of Mind" classic. They have incorporated some cool almost thrash/black metal riffs in a couple of songs, and I do think they work out just fine.

'6 Days to Nowhere' might not be their easiest accessible album, but it does have its moments. But spectacular or outstanding its not and never will be...