Style: Thrash/Power Metal
Release date: October 12th 2007

This is my first close encounter with KRAGENS (formed in 2000) from France and a pleasant surprise in my book. Well... I must admit that I wasn’t exactly hooked the very first time I threw this, KRAGENS third album called “InFight” in my CD-player... but of course I gave it another chance and now, numerous spins later I like it a lot.


KRAGENS reminds me a tad of bands such as; Nevermore, Iced Earth and also Grave Digger, and when I listen to track 2 Lake of Fire” U.D.O. comes to mind. As written above, this album needs a few spins, and it’s not groundbreaking in any way but I’m having a good time when it rotates in my CD-player.


KRAGENS do know how to write in-your-face “Thrashy Power Metal”, that’s for sure just take a listen to “Tyranny of God” and you’ll discover a splendid mix of Thrash, Death and Power Metal.

This track rules, boys and girls. But there’s not a single weak track to be found on “InFight” in my

humble opinion... just give “InFight” the time it needs to grow.


This album is mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen himself (Moonspell, Gorefest, Halford, The Haunted) and of course he has done a great job... as always.


Fans of Thrashy Power Metal should definitely check this album out.

01. Deaf and Blind
02. Lake of Fire
03. Angels Among Monsters
04. Tyranny of Gods
05. Ten Treasons We Fight
06. The Falling Man
07. Only the Weak Survive
08. Mask of The Damned
09. Metalize
Label: Locomotive Records
Provided by: Target / IntroMental
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 63/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: December 17th 2007