Style: Nu-pop-Metal
Release date: July 31st 2007

There is no excuse for this, Mr. Davis. You have a band that can move the bowels of anyone within a range of ten miles with your down-tuned shit. You’ve created hammer tunes like Blind, Ya’ll Want a Single, Here To Stay, etc., etc. You deliver brilliant and highly entertaining live shows. Hell, you even created a genre of metal and inspired numerous clones to go and do what you do.

And then…this?

‘Untitled’ is a miserable effort. Plain and simple.

A CD made up of 13 fillers.
This album has no direction other than nowhere.
It has little, if any, intensity.
The frantic element that was the trademark of Korn is at best sporadically audible.
A minimal amount of power is found.
The groove that is so special for Korn is hardly detectable.
And, I daresay, even Justin friggin' Timberlake is heavier than some of the songs from ‘Untitled’.

I can only ask why the world should be burdened with something as useless as this, Mr. Davis, when we know that you can give us so much more. Is it some sort of maturing process? If it is, then cut it out and step right back to the joys of infancy.


Label: Virgin/EMI
Distribution: EMI/Bonnier (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 27th 2007
Website: www.korn.com