Kiko Loureiro
Universo Inverso
Style: Instrumental Fusion
Release date: March 23rd 2007

Kiko Loureiro is regarded as one of the most innovative guitar players today; not only in the world of Metal (as heard on releases by ANGRA) but also as a solo artist.

He’s making a living from doing live-sessions in his native Brazil and throughout the rest of the world, showcasing his fiery runs and surgical precise interplay between his left hand and his right.

Personally I’ve only encountered his master strokes through different releases by ANGRA, but judging by the instrumentals of “Universo Inverso”, it seems he’s just as diverse as he is original!

Expecting a Metal album you’ll end up disappointed cos’ except from the distorted guitar sound, this has more to do with Jazz than it has with Metal!

Think “Jazz” as in Fusion, compositionally not that far from Jazz greats Al Di Meola and Lee Ritenour although Kiko utilizes techniques first pioneered by Steve Morse to a great extent.

He is, however, a hard man to classify inspirationally as his very personal sound defies your typical “pigeonhole”.

Overall, this is a brilliant concentration of jazzy Fusion but if you’re not into that thing, you needn’t purchase this album, since it has nothing to do with his Metal releases at all.

A very, very good, but also very, very mellow instrumental release from one of the world’s leading guitar players.

Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo
Artwork rating: 16/100
Reviewed by: Janus 'The Jack' Lybro
Date: April 10th 2007