Ghost Opera
Style: Power Metal
Release date: June 4th 2007

I count Kamelot among my absolute favourite metal bands, and it's always with great anticipation and some scepticism I put on a new album from the hands of Mr. Youngblood & co. Are they able to maintain the high level and build on the very strong foundation, which their back catalogue represents...

The answer is thankfully once more: Hell yeah!

I am probably repeating myself, but the combination of Roy Khan and Thomas Youngblood ranks among the absolute best in power metal today. The razor sharp guitar riffs from the hands of Thomas Youngblood and the brilliant voice of Roy Khan continues to impress me over and over... but the band wouldn't be so strong if it wasn't for one the most underrated rhythm sections in metal in Glenn Barry (Bass) and Casey Grillo (Drums). New guy or at least the latest one to join the band: keyboard player Oliver Palotti has been fully integrated in the band and its sound.

Kamelot continue to grow and evolve within their own little niche of power metal with this album, and their style and sound is easy to pick out amongst the competition, and even though 'Ghost Opera' isn't quite as brilliant as the previous albums it's still head and shoulder above most of the competition. I have over and over been listening to this album for the past fortnight and believe this is going to be one the best power metal albums of 2007 sales wise, but I still feel a little bit let down.

This is a great compilation of great Kamelot songs, brilliant musicianship, awesome produced and so on... but still after numerous spins in my CD-player I still don't have a favourite song, there is no 'Center of the Universe', 'Forever' or 'Nights of Arabia' on this album. All eleven songs are however at such high level, that it's pretty hard to be disappointed at all.

Power metal fans and fans of Kamelot need not to worry, because this is another great Kamelot album filled with all the ingredients we love, and then some...

A must buy!

Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 12th 2007
Website: www.kamelot.com