Angling Feelings
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: May 21st 2007

4th studio album from Kaipa since Hans Lundin decided to bring back the band after a 20 years hiatus. 'Angling Feelings' can be viewed as chapter three, because this is the first album since the split with long-time companion Roine Stolt, a split that has had a positive influence on this album. Hans Lundin has created what I consider his most complex and mature album in his long career.

The foundations still lie in progressive rock, Swedish folk and melodic rock. The choice of Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) to replace Roine Stolt might to some sound a bit weird, but his contribution on this album really lifts it up to the next level. Aleena Gibson has a very unique voice and I really like her performance on this album, and guest artist Fredrik Lindquist (Ritual) contribution on whistle gives the album a nice folk element to the songs.

A well produced album with ten strong progressive rock songs Swedish style is on offer here, and the album grows with each spin in my player, and I am happy to say that this is a good and enjoyable album, which should please many a listener...

Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 12th 2007
Website: www.kaipa.info