Ivory Moon
Human Nature
Style: Epic/Symphonic Power Metal
Release date: September 5th 2007

Ivory Moon was formed the year 2000 in Italy and in 2004 they released their full-length debut album, “On the Edge of Time”. Now they are back with their second album titled, “Human Nature” and it’s a pleasant surprise in my opinion.


“Human Nature” was recorded in Temple of Noise studios in Rome, Italy and produced by Christian Ice and Ivory Moon. Executive producer: Emil Westerdahl.


The music on “Human Nature” could very well be described as Epic-Symphonic-Power Metal with a Gothic Metal edge. The band contains 2 vocalists... Cecilia Serra and Sandro Manicone. And I’m especially fond of Cecilia Serra’s voice. She can compete with the best of them out there in my humble opinion.

“Human Nature” opens with 3 splendid tracks; “Crimson Horizon”, In the Deep Forest” and “Wasted Time”. I’m especially very fond of “In the Deep Forest”. This track contains a chorus that most bands would die for. Killer track! – It’s definitively Cecilia’s voice that leaves its very own mark on this track.
Then we get to track number 4 “Reign of Time” and the level drops a bit. Not that I dislike it in any way,
but it’s not quite up there with the first 3 tracks. And the next 4 songs are on the exact same level... solid but still not quite up there with the first 3 tracks.

Track 9 “Phantom Ship”, and the last track of this promo-CD, “The Journey” raises the level once again, so all in all a quite good album from Ivory Moon in my book. And I’m sure that they can do even better on their next album.


Check ‘em out.

Label: Ulterium Records
Provided by: Ulteruim Records
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 27th 2007
Website: www.ivorymoon.it