Bliss of Solitude
Style: Epic Doom Metal
Release date: January 28th 2008

Swedish doomsters Isole are ready with their 3rd album entitled 'Bliss of Solitude', prior to this album they have released two albums on the I Hate Records label; 'Forevermore' (2005) and 'Throne of Void' (2006). 'Bliss of Solitude' is their first album on the Napalm Records label, and I must admit that Isole is a new and a very positive experience for me.

Isole is dark and gloomy; their dark musical world is a symphony of despair, solitude and isolation. Heavy riffs; written in the minor keys, pounding drums and epic melodies draws the listener into the massive soundscapes created by Isole.

The journey takes us through seven long epic tales about a depressive, dark, melancholic and gloomy world; the album firmly reeks of isolation, misery, desperation, pain and suffering. The pace is slow-motion with desolate harmonies creating a dark and melancholic atmosphere. The vocals only add to the gloomy atmosphere...

If this album is any indication of what 2008 might offer the suffering and hungry doom metal community, then I feel we are in for a great year for this genre. 'Bliss of Solitude' kicks 2008 off by setting a very high standard and Isole has delivered an album that has everything a doom metal fan craves for from an album.


01. By Blood
02. From Clouded Sky
03. Imprisoned in Sorrow
04. Bliss of Solitude
05. Aska
06. Dying
07. Shadowstone
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: December 2nd 2007