Ion Dissonance
Minus the Herd
Style: Metal Core
Release date: June 18th 2007

Well... some call ION DISSONANCE a Metal-core band... some call them Thrash-core, some, Death-core, others call them a Math-core band…. I call them boring and horrible.


Sorry… but I find Metal-core absolutely horrible. I just can’t stand it. We get 10 songs here on ION DISSONANCE’s new album called “Minus The Herd”. 10 weird songs in my very humble opinion. Even after numerous listens I still can’t tell the numbers apart.

They all sound the same to me. To me this is just “Screaming-Rap-Metal”. Absolutely horrible. You can call it Math-core or Metal-core… I don’t care… I just don’t understand this kind of music. This is all about irritating drum patterns, 2 or 3 guitar riffs that are repeated over and over again. Angry almost screaming… rap vocals. Horrible!


I’m absolutely not the right one to write a review of this kind of music… because I really do hate Metal-core and I can't think of a single instance where my ears perked up and something grabbed my attention. It’s absolutely horrible.


So, I can only recommend this album to Metal-core fans. And to all the Metal-core haters out there I have only one thing to say; AVOID!



Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI
Artwork rating: 10/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 30th 2007