Indigo Child
Release date: 2005
Label: No
Provided by: Dark Angel Management
Style: Goth metal
Rating: 77/100
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 4th 2007

Itís not every day you receive a CD from a Slovenian band. Come to think of it, I donít think I ever did. This CD is not at all new (2005) but apparently took a long time getting hereÖ(?)


ĎRe-Deathí is worth waiting for if youíre into the fusion of metal and goth. Itís solid and well-played prog metal with sinister synth sweeps, pianos, doses of female vocals and a baritone vocal from hell.


Although there is much to recognise from Indigo Childís peers within both the goth and metal genres, the Slovenians have managed to make their own sound by combining the two intelligently. The album forms a fine, homogenous whole. No tracks really stand out and show markedly more teeth than the next, but thatís actually ok here.


For those who like extra goodies, this digi-pack comes with an enhanced section with a video of fairly poor quality (sounds like mp3 compression), a photo section and band biography.