Baldr ok Íss
Style: Pagan Black Metal
Release date: October 29th 2007

Are you into Black Metal with Pagan/Folk Metal and acoustic passages? Then look no further, because the brand new album from Helrunar entitled “Baldr ok Íss” could very well satisfy your hunger for this kind of music.


This is my first close encounter with Helrunar and I’m caught somewhere between heaven and hell when it comes to their music. The acoustic passages are great and Helrunar do show a huge potential when they slow down from very, very fast to mid-tempo... but as soon as they go all blast-beats on me again; I lose the interest in them. And do have in mind that I DO like my music fast and aggressive!


When I listen to “Baldr ok Íss” I miss something... I find myself reaching out for my remote control and press the “fast forward” button. Then a great riff hits me right between the eyes and I’m captivated again... but that won’t last for long. I miss something... and at times it seems like I’m listening to 2 different albums. A Folk album and a Black Metal album.


The production is brilliant and maybe it’s just me? I don’t know... but somehow I feel they have the potential to do even better than “Baldr ok Íss”! And then again... it's still an entertaining listen, just nothing we haven't heard before. So I’m really caught between heaven and hell but you should definitely check this album out when it’s released October 29th 2007... Because Helrunar do have potential.

Label: Lupus Lounge
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: October 6th 2007
Website: www.helrunar.com