Live in Sao Paulo
Release date: February 26th 2007
Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Website: www.helloween.org
Style: Power Metal
Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 4th 2007

The feeling I want live albums to give me when I listen to them is: "Man, I wish I had been there. Sweating, banging my head and having a great time". Listening to this live album from German power metal legend Helloween does not exactly that.

The complete title for this their third live album is a big mouthful to swallow: 'Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy. World Tour 2005/2006. Live in Sao Paulo'. This double live album features 16 songs, most of them recorded live in Sao Paulo, but they did record the shows in Sofia and Tokyo as well and one song from each place have made it onto the record.

It will always be hard to please all fans when you have such an extensive back catalogue as Helloween has, and I think they have done OK with the selection of songs on this live album. I know a lot of old fans would wish for more old songs from the Kiske and Hansen eras - but Andi Deris is their vocalist now, and off course the majority is from his time with the band.

I know this is a live recording where they try to capture that special night as authentic as possible, but this is 2007 and the sound on this album is awful! I do not understand how a band like Helloween can deliver such a mediocre sounding album!

But I wish I could say that was the only problem I have with this live album - but it's not! Andi Deris has never been my favorite vocalist, and he does absolutely nothing to win me over with this performance! He quickly gets on my nerves, his high pitching is simply awful and he continues to struggles throughout the entire concert.

This is simply not good enough - I do expect nothing but close to perfection from one the best power metal bands ever! And this is just a mediocre release, which is a big let down for me...