Memories in Black
Style: Hardrock/heavy metal
Release date: May 4th 2007

Donít go anywhere near this if you donít like Ozzy and Black Sabbath! Now youíve been warned.

Said icons certainly havenít lived in vain for Swedish hard rockers Hellfueled who throw some seriously rocking punches at the listener with their third release, ĎMemories in Blackí.

The riffs are gritty, crunchy, efficient, yet melodic and make you think of a simpler version of Zakk Wylde in his more southern rock inspired moments and in other places of the riff-master Iommi himself. With the track Sky Walker, Hellfueled are even bordering on theft of Iommiís tremendous riff for A National Acrobat. So close, but not quite anyway. It sounds brilliant.

What is most striking, though, is singer Andyís similarities with Ozzy, both in of intonation and power (Ozzyís earlier years, of course). Whether you like this notion is your own choice, naturally, but Iím inclined to think that one Ozzy is enough for the world. He never was a great singer, but had/has the charisma it takes to pull it through, and that is yet to be proved true for Andy here. For now, heís just a tiny bit unnerving and makes the otherwise excellent musical experience slightly strained.

But on the whole an album that is worth rocking out to. Check it out if you get the opportunity Ė there are really excellent riffs all over the place.

Label: Black Lodge Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 20th 2007
Website: www.hellfueled.com