Grave Digger
Liberty or Death
Release date: January 12th 2007
Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Style: Heavy Metal
Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: January 21st 2007

Grave Digger was one of the first bands in the Teutonic metal explosion, which came out of Germany in the beginning of the eighties, together with bands such as Sinner, Running Wild, Destruction, Trance, Steeler, Warlock, Avenger (Rage), Iron Angel and lots of other bands they established the German heavy metal scene as one of the strongest in the world.

Grave Digger released the two legendary albums “Heavy Metal Breakdown” and “Witch Hunter” plus two albums more before breaking up, but they reunited in the beginning of the nineties and have released a bunch of great albums “Tunes of War”(1996), “Knights of the Cross”(1998) and “Excalibur”(1999). 

And now it seems like Grave Digger has released their best album since “Tunes of War”, “Liberty or Death” is packed with great tunes. The music on “Liberty or Death” sounds very similar to Rebellions “Sagas of Iceland – The History of the Vikings Volume 1”, epic mid-tempo based songs with lots of great choruses and packed with energy.

Chris Boltendahl’s voice still bothers me big time, but after twenty or more spins in my CD-Player it bothers me less and less, so maybe after 100 spins he will be my favourite heavy metal singer (NOT). 

“Liberty or Death” comes with a great production and a great cover artwork, the limited digipack comes with one bonus track. 

Recommended tracks: “Ocean of Blood”, “Until the Last King Died” & “Shadowland”.