Evidence One
The Sky is the Limit
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: June 22nd 2007

The German band EVIDENCE ONE has now released their third CD with the title THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. And from kick off, you will know what to expect: Heavy Metal!!

The promo I hold in my hands contains 10 perfectly crafted Heavy Metal songs, made with love and passion for the music. There are no weak tunes on this CD, each song delivers the goods.

The music might sound a little outdated and old-fashioned, but who cares? As long the songs are well-played. The whole CD is fantastic, but I have 2 favourites: The title track, which sounds a lot like Accept, because of the hard hitting twin guitars but also the stunning power ballad "Won't Sleep Alone".

So if you are into Heavy Metal buy this!

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: René Bo Nielsen
Date: June 20th 2007
Website: www.evidenceone.de