Eternal Flight
Under the Sign of Will
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: October 9th 2007

This is Eternal Flight's second Album. Eternal Flight is a French band formed by Gerard Fois (ex Dreamchild). Some of you might remember his ex-band. When you put the CD in your player, you hear right away what music Eternal Flight brings. The song opens fast and furious, and is one of the best songs on the CD. It is a melodic power metal song in the style of Vicious Rumors, Statovarius and Symphony X.  Not every song is as strong, and that's why I cannot be super enthusiastic.

Gerard Fois his favourite singers are: Geoff Tate, Carl Albert, Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale and Rob Halford. And I must admit, sometimes you can hear influences of some of them, but he is not making it himself easy by choosing those as favourites. He is a good singer, but he can not yet stand in the shadow of those mentioned. What I find a little irritating is his French accent, but maybe I must not carp at everything. The guest vocals on the song "Friends" of a guy called Emmanuelson (Ellipsis) the song could do without. The production of the album was done by Gerard Fois and mastered by Lance King (Pyramize, Balance of Power).  

Nevertheless, this is a decent album and there will be enough power metal fans which will be very satisfied with it. In it's genre it is rather average and I am afraid that this won't bring their break-through. But who am I...

Recommended songs: "Edge of Fire" and "Dark Society".

Listen to it and judge yourself.

01. Edge of Fire
02. Dark Society
03. Under the Sign of Will
04. Forgotten Side
05. Deaf. Dumb. Blind
06. Next One On the List
07. Friends
08. The Curse
09. Miracle Man
10. Ghost (With a Different Soul)
Label: Nightmare Rec./Thundering Rec.
Distribution: Nightmare Rec./Thundering Rec.
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 31st 2007