Ancient Spirit Rising
Style: Epic Power Metal
Release date: March 2nd 2007

There’s no way around Italian band Domine if you’re into Epic Power Metal, that’s for sure. Domine has just released their fifth album titled “Ancient Spirit Rising” and once again I found myself somewhere between heaven and hell when I first threw it in my CD-player. It’s quite funny because their music really needs some time to sink in… even after the 3rd listen I found this brand new release rather generic and forgettable.


But then something happens… at the 4th spin the music slowly but surely begin to open up to me. Suddenly I find their songs quite enjoyable and catchy. After 7 to 8 spins I can’t get enough of their music. Domine are in my humble opinion the true masters of Bombastic, Epic Power Metal… and they certainly do not disappoint here on “Ancient Spirit Rising”.


We get 9 songs of both up-tempo bangers as well as Epic mid-tempo stompers and even though I find every single track very good I still find the last two tracks “Sky Rider” and “How The Mighty Have Fallen” a tad better than the rest. Power, speed, grace, melody and proficiency are the only way that this band works and this is another solid release from a band that I call one of the best in Italy at the moment.


The production is great and genre-fans should definitely check this band out if they’re not familiar with them.

Label: Dragonheart Records
Distribution Cruz Del Sur Music
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 3rd 2007