Back in Blood
Style: Death'n'Roll
Release date: March 23rd 2007

As indicated by the title of the album, German death metallers Debauchery has a thing for AC/DC. To be honest, I think itís been difficult to assess this album because it at the same time is ultra-cool, mediocre and dreadful.


The two gems of the album are Lords of Battle and the title track. Both are mid-tempo rockers, with a dirty and brutal groove, a lot of Six Feet Under admittedly, but first and foremost rock a la AC/DC. If nothing else, then do yourself the favour of checking out these two tracks.


Baptise this World in Blood is an alright death metal track with rocking parts, whereas Praise the Blood God is like tick-over, even if some synths and massive amounts of war sounds are introduced. Masters of the Killing Art is a trifle more efficient, but Butcher of Bitches shows the real groove with its AC/DC pastiche. Good times!


Death Metal Maniac is yet again a middle-of-the-road death metal track, the following track, Manhunting is pulled above average by grunter Thomasí brutal voice, which is also true of Alcohol Fuelled Brutality. ĎFeel the fucking painí, yeah!


True to the Skull Throne (And Bound to Kill) has a nice and surprisingly light chorus that makes the tune interesting and not just tick-over. Storm of Iron concludes the album proper with a rocking and cool sweep of almost progressive death metal.


What happens next is not cool. The bonus CD is a cover album, and the samples on the promo are not exactly promising. Debauchery have slaughtered Genesisí I Canít Dance. Itís horrendous. Flat and soulless. No more, no less. Rammsteinís Weisses Fleisch fares a bit better because the aggression of the song suits Debauchery a lot better, but the version of the Beatlesí 8 Days A Week would make John Lennon rotate in his grave. Never again, Debauchery, please.


Not an easy album to give an overall rating, but there are really cool things on here that any deathíníroll fan ought to try out.

Label: AFM
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 2nd 2007