Dead Poetic
Release date: January 22nd 2007
Label: Century Media
Distribution EMI (Denmark)
Style: Alternative Hard Rock
Rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 17th 2007

I thought the 90's alternative hard rock scene went out of business and had closed it's doors a long time ago, but then out of the blue appears Dead Poetic. Some might find their sound outdated and boring, but I actually think itís quite refreshing to hear a band with their roots in the early 90's US hard rock scene.

'Vices' was released in the US on the small independent Tooth & Nail Records in late October 2006, and now Century Media have decided to unleash this band onto us Europeans on January 22nd 2007. 'Vices' is the 3rd album from this young US band, and I am unfamiliar with their earlier album, so it with a fresh mindset I put this album on.

Not sure what I was to expect, I must admit this ended up being a nice experience, and I am sure Dead Poetic will gain some well deserved attention in Europe as well. Granted their Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilot influenced hard rock might not appeal to quite as many rock fans as it would have done a decade ago. But let the music do the talking, and I am sure fans of 90's alternative hard rock / grunge will find much pleasure with this album.

Do give this album a chance...