Dawn Of Solace
The Darkness
Style: Dark metal
Release date: October 19th 2007

After an unnecessarily long intro of beeping sounds, Finland’s Dawn Of Solace takes us on to a much more relevant journey through a world of impressive, melancholy and dark metal soundscapes.

Dawn of Solace is the more mellow, yet darker side of Tumas Saukkonen, who’s also the mastermind behind Before The Dawn.

The strange and fascinating thing is that ‘The Darkness’ – despite occasional growls and double pedalling – never becomes brutal or raw. It has a relaxed, almost meditative feel from beginning to end.

A part of the reason for this is the massive penchant for melody, acoustic guitars and the clean vocals by Lars Eikind who definitely hits the spot with a row of simple but fine choruses.

A pleasure to listen to!

01. Dying Daylight
02. Wings Of Darkness Attached On The Children Of The Light
03. I Was Never There
04. Dead Air
05. I am Chaos, I am Destruction
06. Winter Song
07. Wrath Of Gods Amongst Us
08. Avalanche
Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution: IntroMental
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 30th 2007
Website: www.dawnofsolace.com