Dark the Suns
In Darkness Comes Beauty
Style: Gothic Metal
Release date: November 30th 2007

What began as a solo-project back 2005 for singer and guitarist Mikko Ojala has turned into a full size band: Dark the Suns. They describe their music as melodic metal music with beautiful piano melodies and dark vocals, and I have no problem with that description.

The hard driven guitars and aggressive almost growling vocals gives the band a hard edge, nicely balanced out by the beautiful and melodic piano passages, which makes you think of other Finnish bands like Sentenced and Eternal Tears of Sorrow, but main inspiration source could very well be Tiamat and their monumental masterpiece 'Wildhoney'.

'In Darkness Comes Beauty' is a well played and produced debut album, one which should appeal to fans of the above mentioned bands and fans of dark, melancholic and melodic metal. Next step for the band must be to break a bit out of their own pattern and add some diversity to their sound universe, because the songs do tend to follow the same pattern and do become a little too monotone and repetitive in the long run...

01. Reflections
02. The Sleeping Beauty
03. Black Sun
04. Alone
05. A Darkness to Drown In
06. Angel Soul
07. Drama for Gods
08. Ghost Bridges
09. Like Angels and Demons
10. Away
Label: Firebox Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: December 7th 2007
Website: www.darkthesuns.com