Conquest of Steel
Hammer & Fist
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: May 7th 2007

There are certain bands that hold the flag of Heavy Metal high, rejecting all the trends of today. Conquest of Steel is one of those bands, their sound can best be described as a mixture of NWOBHM (Saxon) meets old Manowar.


Conquest of Steel was formed in Bradford (UK) in 2000, they have released a couple of EP’s, a split album with Evanesce and a full-length album called ‘Conquest of Steel'.


With ‘Hammer & Fist’ Conquest of Steel has delivered an album for all of us that still hail the NWOBHM period and the Eighties as the pinnacle of Heavy Metal.


‘Hammer & Fist’ consist of 9 great tracks and an outro, check out the awesome “Warriors Guide” that reminds me of Lordian Guard or “Under the Sign (of the Skull and Crossbones)” that have an NWOBHM-ish felling to it.


Definitely recommended!

Label: No Face Records
Provided by: No Face Records
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: July 26th 2007