Two Tales of One Tomorrow
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: February 23th 2007

Danish band Cornerstone fronted by British singer Doogie White has just released their 5th album (1 live and 4 studio releases) called “Two Tales of One Tomorrow” and it’s a splendid one.


There is nothing new under the sun here on their brand new album, they still sound like a mix between 80’s Deep Purple and Rainbow. Some might say they are too close but so be it… I still find their Melodic Hard Rock very good.


So, the sound is still the same, and when you throw this album in your CD-player you recognize Cornerstone right away. Well they are maybe a tad heavier than on their previous albums… but just a tad.


In my humble opinion Cornerstone’s albums doesn’t contains any hits but “only” well-crafted Hard Rock that need a few spins to grow. But after maybe 3-4 listens I must surrender. There is something cosy about their songs. They make me feel at home.


Just like on their first 3 studio albums “Two Tales of One Tomorrow” gets better and better with each listen. Each song on its own is full of energy and class. We get 10 songs on “Two Tales of One Tomorrow” with a powerful and crystal clear production. 10 songs that will force you to your knees.


To name any stand out tracks is very hard, because they are all very good. But if I should name a few, I could name the opening track “Misery”, an up-tempo track with a chorus to die for. And what about “Wicked” or “Starlight and Mystery”? They contain fucking awesome riffs that you wish you’ve written yourself.


I can't forget to mention the excellent, wonderful voice of Doogie White. His voice just makes this album even better. I hope that he will stay in Cornerstone forever.


Check it out if you’re into Hard Rock in the same vein as Deep Purple and Rainbow.


Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 25th 2007