Conquest of Steel
May Your Blade Never Dull
Release date: December 25th 2006
Label: No Face Records
Provided by: No Face Records
Style: Heavy Metal
Rating: 69/100
Artwork rating: 40/10
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 14th 2007

This EP titled “May Your Blade Never Dull” is my first close encounter with Britain’s Conquest of steel featuring old classics re-recorded and news songs, including a taster of the forthcoming album.

We get 5 songs and I must admit I really hated them at first but after numerous listens I feel different about it. The music of Conquest of Steel reminds me of bands like; Iron Maiden, Warlord and Martiria and as mentioned above I wasn’t exactly thrilled at first but after several listens the music started to open up to me... not that I find this EP stunning in any way but let’s just say I like it, ok?

The songs are mid-paced and have a very “Epic atmosphere”…and it’s the guitar-runs that hypnotize you but I could wish for more memorable choruses, however the songs are alright but they need a little time to sink in.

The production is okay and fans of above mentioned bands should definitely check this band out.