In the Shadow of the Black Palm Tree
Style: Stoner Metal
Release date: September 18th 2007

Chingalera is a Stoner Metal band from Los Angeles inspired from bands such as; Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Tool and Melvins among others. We get 5 tracks + one hidden track here on “In the Shadow of the Black Palm Tree” plus a DVD entitled “That Little Fucking Thing Over There”. Footage of the band recording the album and discussing their music and so on.


Their self-described style “Prog-Metal/Stoner Metal is not for every one, that’s for sure. They are heavy, groovy, and a tad Psychedelic at times... just mix bands like, Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Tool, King Crimson and even Nirvana, and I think that you have a pretty good idea of their style.


Their songs are quite long... between 8 to almost 13 minutes each, so it’s one hell of a bastard to swallow. Even though I find their music a tad monotonous I do like it... but this album does need a couple of spins to open up to the listener. There are great riffs to be found but when bands repeat the same riff over and over again for several minutes I get a bit frustrated. But it’s still okay music in my humble opinion so you just have to let it grow and let it blossom. This album will surely find its way into my hard-tried CD-player from time to time.


This album is engineered by Steve Albini (Helmet, Nirvana) and mastered by John Golden.


Try it out... it’s worth a listen.

01. Trust us True Believers
02. O.T.B.D
03. The Occidental Apology
04. Black Palm
05. Better Living Through Chemistry
Label: Pacific Recordings
Provided by: Chingalera
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: November 28th 2007