Style: Modern Thrash Metal
Release date: March 5th 2007

Chimaira was formed in 1998 and I’m sitting here with their fourth album “Resurrection”. Well, I remember buying “The Impossibility of Reason” (2003) and “Chimaira” (2005) not so long time ago, but I was quite disappointed with both albums. Maybe I just don’t get it? Who knows.


But let’s get back to their brand new release “Resurrection”, shall we? Well, I still don’t get it…I have been listening to this album over and over again but it doesn’t ignite. Okay… it is by no means a bad album. It's not a good album either, it's just bland. Their modern Thrash does not much for me, I’m afraid.


“Resurrection” starts with the title-track and this track is quite good. Memorable chorus, awesome riffs and aggressive vocals. Fine track, alright. But then something happens… Chimaira can’t maintain the high level on the rest of the songs. Even after numerous listens I still feel that this album is just forgettable.


Their Modern Thrash, with a hint of Metal-core and the vocals starts to annoy me a bit.

It's uninspired and watered down Thrash riffing, and hardly anything about it grabs mine attention, and when the CD is done… I only remember the first track. Well to be honest… track 6 “Killing the Beast” is quite okay too.


Maybe I just don’t get it? It’s not bad… but not especially memorable either.

If it’s not smashing your skull in and if the riffs aren’t snapping your spine then what’s the point?


The production is fine… of course it is… we are not living in 1920, right?

Sorry guys… I have heard better albums.




Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: VME
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 25th 2007