Rebirth - Death Won't Stay Us
Style: Heavy Metal/Power Metal/True Metal
Release date: March 16th 2007

German Metal band Chimaera was formed in 1999 and they released a demo called ‘Knights of the Dragon’ in 2001 it was followed by two promos called ‘Blade Master’ (2002) and ‘Metalians’ (2004), their first full-length album ‘Myths and Legends’ followed in 2005; the album was self-released and received good reviews from all over the world.


Right from the start Chimaera has been cursed with the Megadeth curse, the line-up changes are too numerous to mention, only survivor from the original line-up are vocalist Pan Vogiazis.


Chimaera is presenting a convincing album with a mixture of Heavy, True and Power Metal, based on solid musicianship and interesting composing ideas.


They are difficult to compare with other bands, but try to imagine a mixture of Iron Maiden and Manowar with keyboards and you will have a pretty good idea.


If you’re into well played metal hymns then get down to your local metal dealer and take a listen to ‘Rebirth – Death Won’t Stay us’.


Recommended tracks: “Ride Fast”, “Wanderlust” and “Dragon’s Witch”.

Label: Pure Steel Records
Provided by: Pure Steel Records
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: July 13th 2007