Brett Walker
Spirit Junky
Style: Melodic Rock / Westcoast
Release date: 2007

Emmy award winning songwriter Brett Walker is a well established name in the world of A.O.R. If not for his contributions to albums by Nick Gilder and Alias, then at least for his PERFECT solo debut called “Nevertheless”! 

Well, he never managed to reach the same professional level on his follow up album “Lift Off”, which sounded like BON JOVI on a bad day – At best! So, I was very curious to hear this, his new effort. 

Unfortunately it sounds a lot like the latter release, which means anonymous Melodic Rock. It’s well-produced as always with Brett Walker but the song structures really lack some profound melody lines like those of the debut. 

This is music that’ll enter your left ear and exit your right without leaving anything behind! 

I think I’ll put this CD on the next time I see my parents! -:) 

He’s deserved a high rating in terms of the sound of the CD. But I can’t stretch it much further than that because of the aforementioned traces of boredom…

Provided by: NL Distribution
Distribution: NL Distribution
Artwork rating: 12/100
Reviewed by: Janus 'The Jack' Lybro
Date: May 1st 2007
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