Bloody Herald
Like a Bloody Herald Remains
Release date: June 9th 2006
Label: My Graveyard Productions
Provided by: My Graveyard Productions
Style: Heavy Metal
Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: February 21st 2007

Bloody Herald from Italy has been around for 5 years and they play 80's metal with strong influences from Iron Maiden and Manowar. They released a five-track demo in 2005 and later the same year they got signed to My Graveyard Productions. 

“Like a Bloody Herald Remains” comes with nine songs but only three of them are good “Ashes”, “Pyromaniac” and “Fearbringer”, the remaining six songs are only average most of them gets off to a good start but then the music gets confusing and chaotic and the production is almost non-existing. 

With a bit more experience and a decent production and I am sure that Bloody Herald can deliver good album.