Blinded Colony
Bedtime Prayers
Release date: January 12th 2007
Label: Pivotal Rockordings
Provided by: Pivotal Rockordings
Style: Modern Thrash/Cyber Metal
Rating: 90/100
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 3rd 2007

Damn… I did not see this one coming… I must admit that I hesitated a bit when asked if I wanted to review this album… but I’m glad that I did… because this one is a real hammer.

Blinded Colony was formed in 2000 and they released their debut album, “Divine” in 2003 and sadly I’m not familiar with that one so I can’t compare it to this brand new release titled “Bedtime Prayers”.

To me Blinded Colony is very close to bands like Soilwork, In Flames, The Haunted, Mnemic, Raunchy and even Fear Factory. So now you get an idea of their style… but are the songs any good? Yes… God damned! – We get 9 songs and every single one of them stands out of their own, so it’s kind of difficult to name my favourite tracks…and it’s impossible to name one track as representative for the whole album. Of course their music is aggressive but at the same time melodic with huge, driving and catchy choruses.

The overall picture is furthermore enhanced with a splendid production and if you’re into the above mentioned bands you should do yourself a huge favour and check this album out as soon as it hit the stores. 

No more words needed.