Black Majesty
Style: Power Metal
Release date: June 4th 2007

After releasing two good albums ‘Sands of Time’ (2003) and ‘Silent Company’ (2005), and touring with Hammerfall, Edguy and Dragonforce, it’s time for the crucial 3rd album.


Yeah it’s make it or break it time for Aussie band Black Majesty.


The new album is called ‘Tomorrowland’ and holds ten tracks (there’s also a limited digipak with two additional tracks “Kingdoms” and “Memories”).


The album starts quite interesting with the two tracks “Forever Damned” and “Into the Black” but I’m afraid that Black Majesty runs out of ideas from that moment. The next two tracks “Evil in Your Eyes” and “Tomorrowland” are extremely boring, next song a cover version of the Deep Purple track “Soldier of Fortune” is the best song of the album, and I think that says it all when a cover tune is the best track on the album.


A couple of the last five tracks are all right, but none of them are of the same high standard as the songs on ‘Silent Company’ or ‘Sands of Time’.


Unfortunately a couple of good moments can’t save this album from getting what it deserves.

Label: Limb Music Products
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: August 14th 2007